It is no secret that mass media is an important part of today’s cultural landscape. But while people are consuming media, they are also creating it. More and more, people are creating their own messages, sharing the work of others, and excerpting from other people’s work as part of their own creativity, learning and development. Therefore, there is a need for a strong understanding of the concepts of copyright and fair use and how to apply it in an educational setting.

While copyright and fair use can be confusing to navigate you CAN use copyrighted material in your creative work! The panel goal is to explain fair use as a reasoning process in order to reduce copyright confusion. We will model the process by sharing scenarios for the audience to deconstruct and will go through our own reasoning and analysis of “sticky copyright situations” and share helpful ideas regarding how to teach students and staff about copyright and fair use.

Guides for Fair Use Reasoning
Media Education Lab Fair Use reasoning form
Copyright Genie

Other Resources

Intro VIdeo Remix Clips
Mr Rodger's Garden of your Mind:
Cowboy's & Aliens Remix:
User's Right Video:
Barak Obama sings: Call Me Maybe-
(even more Obama Remixes
Wishery: A Disney Remix
Remix Culture- Fair Use is your friend:
Mayberry After Midnight Trailer:

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Add your scenarios & copyright / fair use questions here!Welcome, y'all!Is this video posted somewhere? (fun!)Mr. Rogers Remix. Fan. Tastic.great stuffThe garden of your mind remix is here - think about Scary Mary when I see a remix link has all the resources from today, including the video.Love Obama, can't stand the song..Great intro materials! Can't wait for session to officially start!ready and waiting, not patiently cause i'm from NYMe, too, Mitch. LOLShowing YouTube videos in classLovin the videos!Lisa, I thought you were Minnesota nicePlease tell me this whole video is available somewhere...Nope, born and raised and living in NY this session will be archived online. It would be an ideal resource for my students and staff.good intro materials - nice way to make the point about transforming repurposing...Came in late - did you show nina paley's "everything is a remix?"This is the link to all resources includedGood introPlease do help others at your table connect here, ok? We'll be friendly.loved the intro! are you here?Great intro. Love the fair use video - already glad I chose your session!What is legitimate?What was the name of the iPad app for the videos?What was that iPad app she said?iCab Mobile for iPad to edit YT videosThis session isnt about legal vs legal. It's about thinking, considering, and exercising your rights.IcabmobileThxNice engage!30 seconds of music?This will be an audience-active session. Be ready. :)This sounds very interestingWho is just like Ginger?Who feels the need to be the boss?Does anyone have any experiences with Creative Commons? Is it limited in its content?I rebelled against the boss role.Very limited, SamYes, SamWe use C.C. with the newspaper. We can usually find something we need.I have NEVER had a kid ask before using any media. Is the reality more cultural?I love cc, but sometimes it's not enough. And sometimes creating our own doesnt allow us to continue the "flow" in learning we're looking foGreg, we have those conversations every day. I think I probably bring it up first.I really like and teach them how to use the bioSo is it ok if they are not asking is attribution important?Greg, my kids never ask either. So it's up to me to ask them the questions about fair use.We need to teach the kids to ask about using media.I begin the year with a unit covering copyright, as it is in the CTE standards, but students tend to see how rules. Are more often bent thanPerhaps covering the importance of appropriate referencing? (MLA etc)Can we be a force and voice against copyright laws that are too restrictive?Google Advanced Search - usage rights is a great starting place.My experience has been that kids don't realize that people own media. Remix generation!Mitch, I think that's the ultimate point of where we're going. My old practices never exercised our rights.True, Dana, and that's what I talk about.@Sam if you use google docs there is a cool research function that will cite media in footnotesI use the OWL from Purdue as a basis in my copyright unit.@mitch the problem is not the law it's understanding what our rights are to be exempt from the lawWho is doing the session? Kristen?Blake, I love that new feature!@Blake, really? wow I use Google Docs a lot but nvr realised that! thx!Lisa - you are never "just a teacher!"One reason I like using Creative Commons is that it also informs our students who might be CREATING their own works about how to share themLisa should take out the word 'just' when introducing herself! She's a teacher and a great one.I am enjoying this panel. Great slides and I know content will be awesome. Do miss having a librarian on panel. ;)@Sam it was just released a few weeks ago@jan myself...Lisa Parisi, Ginger Lewman, Gail Desler& Sandy Hayes@jan is an on demand video sessionCooool... Love it!Lisa--great point--started thinking about the creatorsyou may be getting to this, but am I right that "fair use" exists as a custom, but isn't formally defined in copyright law?@Blake, is it easy to figure out how to use?@carolyn but even with creative commons kids need to learn to be thoughtfulGreat question to ask kids, are you going to hurt the person by using it?@carolyn ur now on my list :)great point by lisa, also maybe, if possible, have some sort of contact with the creator(s)?lol ;º KristinFair Use is an exemption , not a law@Mike yes, it basically opens up a mini search on the right side and you can go from there. You never leave the doc :)Kids do need to learn how to cite their sources even if it is Fair Use.Kristin--yes. I meant, for those of them creating their own photos it is a revelation to them that they can "copyright" them with CCYes, Sam, we do try. And sometimes, the creator contacts us and says thanks.Teachers worse than the kids :o/Biggest violation I see is when schools/teachers bring movies from home and play them as a reward. Thus, not written into lesson plans soMea culpa Kristin ;)It is connected to the curriculum.I'm wondering about having students creating their own photo, putting CC labels on it, and what having that ownership looks like ;)@Arlen, yes, often the teachers feel they can use whatever in the name of education.@dmantz7 it is not Fair Use if it is reward.I think we need a lawyer on the panel hahaIt's about money.We as educators have to model. We should have citation in our own presentations.I completely agree @ Jan Congercitations :-(Suppose you purchased PowerPoints from a textbook publisher and you've edited them to use in class. That's ok, but now you are flipping youSo teachers can never show a commercial movie that is made based on a book if the teacher owns a copy of the movie?remember citation does not mean you did not violate copyrightowners rights need to be discussedDiscussion at our table sparks question: does merely citing what you use actually meet requirements for fair use?financial gain discussions?whoops, just answered!CC does call out ownership. Copyright is inherent in all creative work. There does not have to be a formal copyright or © on the workpersonal use vs for-school use get different treatmentOwning a movie or song doesn't give rights to use other than personallyOn one level, you don't want to create an environment where pirating discourages creationtalk about pirating with the schoolsBut just citing works used doesn't protect you if someone decides to go after you for infringement.My daughter just asked recently--Mom, if I buy/ download an album, can I make copies for my friends?I ask, it's 30 minutes in and what have we learned????Article I sec. 8 of the Constitution is the copyright clauseAnyone know about epubbud?@eva, if you just show it & do nothing else, for enjoyment & entertainment, then yes that is infringementIf citation still might violate copyrights, would students feel "why am i citing then..".I explain citation as an intellectual honesty issue more than a copyright issue.@eric, but if we do a compare and contrast activity and discussion then it's ok?Here is a really helpful resource for teachers and librarians: Brother by author Cory Doctrow available for free download at Creative Commons!Citing to show resources utilized so they can be checked/verified/discussed@eva, what is the purpose of the showing? what is the context & situation as she is sayingIt's not about legal vs illegal. It's about thinking and respecting both user and creator rights.Little Mermaid example does not seem like an honest use of transformative useI love the specific examplesCarolynF, there will be more coming. ;) purpose was for students to decide which was their favorite book or movie and defend it to the class.Is the presentation she is showing on the wiki page?Hi Bodie.@Google Carrillo... Yes. I can't be there, but am enjoying "watching" from WV.I'm hoping we can move a little faster to get through more facts in the last 15-minis there a link to whatever is on the screen?This is not Fair or not. It's more, "what would you do?"Would you claim fair use? Ask permission? Buy a license? Use another copyright friendly source?@sam the slides are on the wikispace sure to consider ALL four factors: nature, purpose, amount, & Meffect of the material.interesting question in our group--does French copyright affect this?Will that hold up in court of law?Also a question in our group if a student performs the music and records it, does the music have to be purchased--is it a public perform.?This is a thinking session. It's not clean. It about exercising out rights.Is there any "law" involved in Fair Use?I think if it goes to a court of law, the balance of power probably doesn't lie with the teachers/schools vs copyright lawyers/big bizbut are we having our kids think creatively then?what are the links to the youtube videos from the beginning of the session, please?? :]All the YouTube links are on the wiki the same rules apply to student publications (e.g. newspapers)thanks! :)would you say, "whoever can afford the best lawyer wins"?Marilyn, that One paragraph excerpt they showed earlier is the only mention of fair use in the act. That's why we need to interpret.sometimes you do have to be bold and be ready to take media down ... and then enjoy@mitch, that is entirely possible..Bob, everything is on the wiki., Josh.@Mitch, maybe, but you might find a lawyer itching to try a precedent-setting case pro bono.Mitch, it can. But it's about exercising our voices and muscles. I'm not thinking we're headed to Siberia. Here's one im working with. Thoughts? Thanks Here's one im working with. Thoughts? Thanks Here's one im working with. Thoughts? ThanksDifficult conversation...certainly worthy thoughWhat about a site like epubbud that puts current literature up in PDF form?Anyone posted anything on YouTube and had it blocked or audio muted because of copyright infringement?One of our librarians has ;) Sam@Sam, yes. They have bots that scan for audio I believe here is one I'm looking at. Ideas?just mentioned documenting... especially in court you need to have factual informationA workshop with no answers = a waste of timeYes, Sam. Then I reposted and it went through the second time. The bots didn't get it that time. LOLThe "answer" is there is or right answer. That's why we are here.@Lisa I've heard youtube blacklist accounts. I'm not sure if this is true but its a scary thought.Fair use is a justification or thinking process not a "do this, don't do that"That should have said "no right answer".I hope that by providing questions for further thought, it's about learning and growing. Not black/white.@Paul Yes!Nancy Sims - lawyer and university librarian on attribution workshop that raises more questions is pretty good IMHO.@Sam, Agree!YouTube will definitely blacklist accounts but you can dispute takedowns based on fair use.@sam agreed!@Ginger - great summing up of the issueThe kids should have to think more in why they are doing things - great learning opIn fairness, why does "need" allow theft for non-tangible things? We can't use that logic for food, for example.I completely agree. Sessions that make you think are better than those "just give me the answer". Think for ourselves.Copyright counselors, love it!Copyright counselors, not copyright cops. Doug Johnson@Paul yes, i'm not from the US, so US Law not really applicable to me, but the learning op for my kids is very much so.Great comment about being a "counselor" rather than the police.Less is being taken down from YouTube because of complaint by music publishers now that they can provide a link to iTunes/eMusic - it's finagreat quote - shifting from copyright cops to copyright counselorsthink its about building a respectful culturethink its about building a respectful cultureThank you all for coming.Thank you all for coming.Excellent sessionThank you for the information, lots of good stuff today!Great things to think about - thanks!!