Teach About Copyright and Applying Fair Use

Picture_248.pngThe Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education helps educators gain confidence about their rights to use copyrighted materials in developing students' critical thinking and communication skills.

These slides accompany the book, Copyright Clarity: How Fair Use Supports Digital Learning by Renee Hobbs. You can offer a staff development program using the materials in the book, plus these slides, to introduce your colleagues to the power of the Code.

Use the lessons below, which are complete with multimedia, readings, discussion questions, activities and hands-on production projects to help you teach about copyright and fair use.

Lesson Plans and Materials for High School, College and University Levels

Other Lesson Plans and Materials for Grades 6-8

Video Case Studies
Use these videos to discuss the fair-use reasoning process. Why do these teachers think their students' use of copyrighted materials is a fair use? Exercise your fair-use reasoning muscles.

Music Videos Help Students Learn about Copyright and Fair Use
Two music videos about copyright and fair use are online at the Media Education Lab's website--- animated "Schoolhouse Rock" music videos are here!
What's Copyright?

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User's Rights, Section 107

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Teaching the Use of Copyright Friendly Materials

Joyce Valenza's Portal of resources to teach kids the concept of Creative Commons as well as where to find Copyright Friendly Materials
Copyright Friendly Toolkit

David Boxer's lesson on remix uses the Code of Best Practice in Fair Use for Online Video