Hypothetical Scenarios: Explore the Fair-Use Reasoning Process

Use the Fair Use Reasoning form to analyze whether or not the case below can be reasoned as a fair use.
Scenario Cards to Print:

Make a copy of the fair use form
1. For a media production course, students have created a music video using the Beatles' song “Strawberry Fields Forever” that features teens lip-syncing and playing air guitar along with footage of a teen couple walking hand-in-hand in a graveyard. They post the video to You Tube.

2. A teacher uses a copyrighted image, found on Flickr, adds the title of the school play, and uses it on a T-shirt to promote the school's upcoming dramatic production.

3. An educator uses a still image from the TV show Aliens in America in a slide presentation for a conference. His purpose is to illustrate a point about Pakistani immigration policy in the United States. He posts the slides online.

4. A group of students create a documentary about John Lennon's role as an anti-war activist, weaving old news clips from footage about the Vietnam War and clips from various Lennon songs to show how his lyrics reflected his beliefs about the war.

5. An educator embeds a political cartoon in one of her blog posts, commenting on the cartoon's relevance to the troublesome school leadership in her district.

6. A team of elementary educators shows the Disney movie The Little Mermaid to three classes of Grade 3 students on the day before winter break in the school auditorium.

7. Students on the Yearbook Committee create a DVD version of their yearbook and sell it to make money for the class gift. As part of their opening montage, they use AP photos and excerpts from popular music to capture the climate of the times.

8. A high school social studies teacher downloads a You Tube video that illustrates a key point about the U.S. Constitution's relevance to a current news event and makes DVD copies to share with students who don't have Internet access.